What is a Gamma?


A Gamma is a STRONG, INDEPENDENT woman.

 She is a woman who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to achieve it. A Gamma is educated and strives to further her knowledge through the pursuit of life and happiness. A Gamma has gone through struggles but the one thing that sets her apart from every other woman in the world, is that she knows how to persevere and conquer. A Gamma knows how to love and how to receive love in return. She is motivated, enthusiastic and proud of where she came from. 


A Gamma comes in all shapes, colors, sizes and ethnicities. She is who she is and lets no one put her down. She is a rare jewel like an amethyst, an exotic predator like a panther, and a delicate flower like a pink rose.


A Gamma is a Woman of Distinction.


Interested in being a Woman of Distinction?

What can being a Gamma offer YOU? Besides lifelong friendships and sisterhood, leadership opportunities, honorable service to our community, a network of strong, independent, women from different cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, moral, emotional, and academic support during your undergraduate experience and beyond... We could go on forever about why Sigma Lambda Gamma might be right for you, but the best way to know is to meet our women! 


Here's a list of the minimum requirements to join: 

  • 2.70 GPA out of a 4.0 scale

  • Attend a minimum of two official chapter recruitment events 

  • Enrolled as a full time student, which entails 12 semester hours

  • Complete an online Icon course and attend an in person component. More Information At  https://fsl.uiowa.edu/join/pre-joining-education/

  • Be dedicated to the empowerment of women

  • Be ready to uphold our five principles of academics, community service, cultural awareness, social interaction, and morals and ethics. 












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